Historically, brooches and lapel pins have been used at important factions or official events. These days, custom pins are more popular than ever. Not only worn on clothing, but enamel pins are also used on hats, scarves, backpacks, cards, etc. Knowing the differences between each attachment is key to choosing the right pin. There are a bunch of different clutches to keep your enamel pins fastened. Have you ever wondered what clasp is right for your enamel pin? Look no further! Today I am going to introduce each type of clutches and when it would be most useful. 


Neat and Secure

Also known as the military clutch, butterfly clutches are best suited for clothing, especially uniforms of thin and heavy fabrics. This includes military or police uniforms. Avoid using in areas where it could stick or damage clothing. To use them, pinch the clamp to separate the two parts. Then, you insert the needle into the front of the clothes. Carefully, reconnect the clutch to the back of the item and prepare it for use. Although the needle is sharp, it is safe during use.

Double Butterfly Clutch

Normally the 2 clutches are used for large or wide enamel pins. They are in aim to keep the pin look good or provide a safer position. If you need to flip the pin frequently, the butterfly clutch is easier to disassemble. 


Elegant and Economical

The rubber clutch is a convenient accessory and comfortable to wear. The rubber clutch can even match the color of the enamel on the pins.

It clamps a small needle to keep everything safe. They’re locked by friction. Although there is no lock design, it is more convenient to wear. It doesn’t scratch or rub against your skin or other clothing material.

A rubber clutch is used with a small plug to the lapel pin back as a standard accessory option.

Typically, these rubber clutches can be replaced at no additional cost and can be maintained better, making them more difficult to disassemble.  When you place your enamel pins on your bag or jacket, they make a magic lock.

Double rubber clutches

Double rubber clutches are available for larger pins. They are more secure than metal lock pins and are often used with large trading pins that are often attached to materials such as sports bags.


Classy and Professional

Deluxe clutches are more expensive. But the elegant and professional look they offer is worth it. They have excellent quality. This attachment has a small push and pulls spring inside the lock. Once they’re connected, they’ll hang on to any app. In fact, when it’s pulled up, the padlocks tighter. This option gives you maximum security to ensure that things are secure.

These clutches are very useful for protecting your pins. Simply pulling on the clasp won’t do. pull from the top of the clasp to unlock. deluxe clutches have a flat top, while jewelry clutches have a ball top. if the clasp doesn’t release after pulling on the ball, push the base of the clasp down while pulling up on the ball to separate the two pieces.

If you’re looking for a more elegant way to clamp firmly on an enamel pin or use an enamel pin to hold your tie together, a flat pin is your best bet.  These fantastic lock pins come with springs that will preserve your enamel/lapel pins better than the butterfly clutch, which is considered “high-end.” 


Notably, comparable in use and functionality to the aforementioned deluxe clutch, this jewelry clutch also has an internal locking function to keep your enamel pin safe and secure.  In some cases, these lock pins are also commonly referred to as flat top lock pins, as they tend to be a bit fancier than their flat-top pin counterparts. The clutch is popular for its elegant design and firm grip.


A magnet clasp is basically a small disc magnet that holds the back of the enamel pin. It is usually small in size to maintain a strong magnetic pull so that the collar pin does not fall.   These types of locking needles are made up of two parts and can be attached to any fabric or surface without the need to make holes in them. This way, your clothes or accessories will never “get damaged.”   The magnetic clutch is not only easy to disassemble, but also completely safe.

Double bar Magnet

Bar magnets are usually applied to fairly large pins.  The bar magnet clamp uses two sets of magnets to help spread the tension. If you wear a lot of hanging metal accessories (necklaces, oversized earrings, etc.), you’ll want to avoid this option as it might catch up. They also won’t work if there are several layers of thick material between the magnets (such as coats, shirts, undershirts), so try to keep the magnets between one layer of average thickness.


Safety pins are more stable than rubber caps and butterfly clutches. Although you have to install it carefully, once installed, it stays there safely. To attach them to your clothing or other material, just poke two holes and put them in. Then attach the back buckle and turn the buckle into a closed position. 

They are very safe because they are designed to help prevent your enamel pins from spinning during wear and use.

These safety pins are a good way to hold larger enamel pins in place, usually to prevent tilt or eccentric rotation of the standard size enamel pins. Safety pins are specially designed for thicker fabrics or wider pins.


Cuff links are used to secure the cuffs of button-down shirts, and maybe jewelry for boys and men, and are designed for shirts with buttonholes on the sides but no buttons. Decorations aren’t just for lapel pins. Choose cuff links and you can turn your decor into stylish shirt cuff links. Wear cuff links to show off your unique fashion sense, or simply complete a stylish look.


Bow ties, much like jewelry clutches, are often used as lapel pins. The jewelry clutch is secured with a chain and strip, which securely fastens the tie to the shirt through the buttonhole to prevent it from falling off the garment. The pin passes through the tie and is connected using a jewelry clutch.

Typically, the face of a tie clip is 0.75 inches smaller than a regular lapel pin. If it’s too big, it looks funny on a tie.


Delicate and Decorative

This tie clip is used to decorate the tie.  It was originally used by English gentlemen to show their rich status. They are straight and topped with an elaborate decorative head. Its purpose is to hold the tie. Everyone wears them now. People often hang it over the lapels of jackets or suits as an ornament. These pin clutches are long, thin needle-like stems. The stem has a sharp end and is usually covered with a metal or rubber cap. These are the same as standard clutches except that the point through the material is much longer and the point is usually covered by rubber or metal. This is ideal for pins that have to pass through the heavy fabric or multiple layers of thick fabric.


A key chain is a small metal ring that holds several keys. The length of the key chain makes the item easier to use than connecting it directly to the key ring. A key chain with a custom enamel pin shows us a style of fashion. It turns your enamel pin into a custom key chain.

Design your own enamel pin

Now that you know all your options, picking the right backing for your pins will be a breeze. Ready to get your custom enamel pins? You are just being here! Go to enamelpins.com

From there, you can choose the pin style you want, upload your own design through a dedicated channel on our website, and instantly you’ll have a custom pin based on your own unique idea. Start making custom enamel pins today.

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