Enamel pins can be used not only for styling but also ideal for branding. They can be completely customized to highlight any design, and they can serve as an extension of a person’s personality, looking alluring on denim coats, backpacks, hats, T-shirts, and more. Enamel pins are great because they’re a fun, powerful, practical, and cost-effective way to reach your target audience. In this post, we show you more than 30 enamel pin mockups, choose the best one for you if you are looking for it.

If you want to visualize your awesome enamel pin designs with a mock-up, we have gathered different mock-ups. Take your ideas from the original image and give it a shiny enamel pin look. Have fun browsing! Choose the perfect mockup file for your needs and make your design presentation look great. Check out the best models below.

1.Free Mock-up Enamel Pin

Multifunctional enamel pin mockups with a large selection. Support cards with customizable text and classy holding pin. Includes color, texture, and various plating options. Design your own pin with the free mockup.  

black gold fish free mockup
red fish free mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Free

2.Free Enamel Pin Mock-up

This is a free version that you can use for your personal and business work.  It is an easy-to-use soft enamel pin mockup.  It’s vibrant and it does offer an excellent enamel pin design.  

colorful unicorn enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Free

3.Tutorial and Free mock-up

If you need a preview of your enamel pin design, you must check out this free pin mock-up PSD template.

soft enamel mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Free

4.Free Enamel Pin Mock-up

This is a minimalist and cartoon enamel pin model.

It comes with a solid background card. It also includes round, circular, and custom enamel pin mock-ups. This is a high-quality and detailed multifunctional mock-up.

community of champion enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Free

5.Free Blue Background Enamel Pin Mock-up

small pin mockup

This is a free enamel pin mockup, it is white with a peacock 3D theme printed on it, plus a blue abstract background to make this pin look more attractive. 

File Types: PSD
Price: Free

6.FREE Enamel Pin mock-up

This one is free and you can use as many enamel pin mock-ups as you want, it can be applied to your design perfectly. If you’re a beginner, this is a good way to get an idea of the effects and see how the files are made and structured. Practice creating your own designs.

gold blue free enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Free

7.Enamel Pin Mock-up Free PSD

There is a free PSD mock-up with jean templates to make any design look stylish. You can choose from silver and gold enamel pins, or change the color and background according to your needs.  To add design, simply replace the content in the smart object.


File Types: PSD
Price: Free

8.Rounded Enamel Pin Mock-up

Easy to use and effective mock-up for you to have a preview of the enamel pin that was designed on your own.

Two options, gold, and silver.


Types: PSD
Price: Free


This is a simple and free enamel pin mockup made for pleasure, fashion, and can be used for any presentation you try to utilize. This mock-up can help you preview how your design looks in an enamel pin.

MENDL'S-BOX mockup

Types: PSD
Price: Free

10.Logo Pin Enamel Mock-up

There are pre-made scenes and templates in this package,  you get over 32 styles. You can pick up one template here or upload your own design. This package also includes 20 different textures that you can mix and combine to create as many as possibilities you want. Look for more detailed information click the download button below.

green hat enamel pin mock up
logo enamel mockup

File Types: PSD, JGP
Price :$29

11.Enamel Pin Mock-up Logo Bundle

With this set, you have a 3D enamel pin generator with 4 angles, 15 pre-made pins and cards at 4 angles (a total of 60. PSD models), and 12 photo scenes. All the major objects in these files are designed as individual objects, so you can move or hide them in the scene.

File Types: PSD
Price :$18

12.Soft Enamel Pin Mock-up

This is another great enamel pin mock-up that can match any size and angle you want in the PSD. It has 3 different types of silhouettes: black, silver and gold. You can also hide the outline of any shape or graph to achieve new effects, or make more advanced editing and customize the thickness of the outline, the color of the outline, and more.

little star soft enamel pin mockup
photoshop mockup
ghost soft enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price :$6

13.Metallic Enamel Pin Mock-ups

It contains six themed PSD scenes that show pins in all their glory. Also, some backgrounds can be used as separate files, so add 5 background textures to the value of the product. You can adjust the pin’s outline (thin, medium, thick) and choose gold, silver, copper, or black to set the color. The exciting creative process will make you lose track of time (remind yourself). This kit will find its purpose, displaying logos, logos, monograms, ICONS, illustrations, and more!

File Types: PSD
Price :$14

14.Mommyish – Enamel Pin Builder

This set of styles and actions allows you to create interesting enamel pin elements for your pages and kits. Included in this download is a link to this YouTube tutorial that shows you exactly how to use this set. This collection contains several styles and three actions. Style and action work in Photoshop CS/CC and Photoshop Elements 14+. Styles work in most (if not all) versions of PSE and CS/CC. You can easily use these styles with no manipulation if you need to.

File Types: PSD
Price :$5

15.Mommyish – Glittery Enamel Pin Styles

This set of styles is a fun addition to enamel pin builders! These styles will expand the enameled pin style collection by adding a little sparkle to the benefit to add fun!

glitter enamel pin mock up

File Types: PSD
Price :$3.5

16.Mommyish – Hard Enamel Pin Styles

These styles are intended to be used with enamel pin builders – you can use many of the same actions and tools to mix and match styles to create your own unique effects. These specific styles are designed to mimic the “hard” enamel look (rather than the soft enamel look) and include some new metal styles to help make it look more cohesive. As always the style works at PSE and CS.

hard enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price :$3.5

17.Enamel Pin Foundry

Save time when simulating your enamel pin design with enamel pin casting. This kit is perfect for simulating your designs for enamel pin bookings, crowdfunding campaigns, or maybe you just want to create some lovely enamel pins for different design projects.

soft enamel pin foundry mockup
soft and hard enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price :$19

18.Enamel Pin Mock-Ups

This set consists of 4 types of pin models set on 12 different backgrounds with different textures and people. All you have to do is prepare your design in advance and this mock-up will allow you to see what your design exactly looks like in an enamel pin.

File Types: PSD
Price :$18

19.Round Enamel Pin Mock-ups Set

The model structure is intuitive and easy to operate. Select the desired elements and colors and you can create your own unique design to achieve the desired effect.

This set contains five models of enamel pins, including an isolated model and a model of a person wearing a pin.

round enamel pin mock up
round enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD, JPG
Price :$11

20.Enamel Pin Mock-ups Set

This one shares the same author Rebrandy as the 19th mock-up.

Square pin mock-ups, simple process, easy operation, and high quality. The color is up to you, and don’t forget to check the emboss outline for the most realistic effect.

File Types: PSD
Price: Elements Subscription

21.Enamel Pin Badge Mock-up

This model is beginner-friendly, and the templates are well organized and layered, making the details easier to edit. Sample logos are not included.


File Types: PSD
Price :$8

22.Soft Enamel Pin Mock-up

This is a set of models with details simulating real enamel needles in optional adjustable metal colors: silver, gold, and black. Also with the rear card design, can be adjusted through smart objects to see what your final product will look like. You can easily match the angles and sizes you want with the PSD. It will be especially convenient to enhance your brand design display.

File Types: PSD
Price :$25

23.Gold Enamel Pin Mock-up

This is a simple gold mock-up, you can edit it easily. If you want to try out some unique designs on your jeans, you can use this gold enamel pin mock-up.  In addition, you can change the background texture as needed.


File Types: PSD
Price :$18

24.Metal Pin -Text and Logo Mock-ups

This is a premium mock-up of an enamel pin. It provides three different models. This model is highly customizable in three metals(Gold, Rose Gold, Silver) and five paints(Black, White, Red, Blue, Green). Suitable for a variety of surfaces, different color texture pins.

metal pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Elements Subscription

25.Enamel Pin Mock-up

This product download contains 1 file. This will help you present your work in the best possible way. Create a clean presentation immediately.

simple enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Elements Subscription

26.Blank white enamel pin mock-up

Blank white enamel pin simulation, front, and rear side views, 3D rendered. Empty deluxe hard lapel badge mockup. Silver buckle pin design template. Logo introduction of the metal square enamel pin.

blank white enamel pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price :$ 19.99

27.Photo Real Enamel Pin Mock-up Template

With this mock-up file, you can take any pin design and insert it into the supplied smart object, which will automatically stylize the art into a metal pin model. It’s super easy!

File Types: PSD
Price :$10

28.Enamel Pin Mock-Up

Are you on the enamel pin trend? Now is a good time to start! Save time when simulating your enamel pin design with enamel pin casting. This one is perfect to simulate your design for enamel pin booking.

beglad pin mockup

File Types: PSD
Price :$18

29.Metal Pin Badge Mock-up

Photo-realistic metal pin badge mock-up PSD, perfect to pin and display your brand icon. This is a very classic set, can fully meet your requirements for the quality of the work.

metal pin badge mockup

File Types: PSD
Price: Elements Subscription

30.Metallic Pin Badges Mock-up

Edit the pin as your logo, monogram, icon, or any other small image and change the color of the logo itself to silver, gold, or copper. If an isolated pin badge is not what you are looking for, there are also 2 pre-made scenes included, demonstrating with back card packaging and not packaging in plastic pins.

metallic pin badges mockup

File Types: PSD
Price :$12


I hope you enjoy our collection of the best free and premium enamel pin mock-ups, and this post will keep updated if there are other wonderful mock-ups. You can also have a look at our site enamelpins.com for more inspiration to get your own custom enamel pin designed.

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