Pins and non-verbal communication

When it comes to the use of custom jeweled pins, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The symbol of personal identity? A charm? Although these are indeed some of its best-known uses for a long time, they could even convey abundant emotions and attitudes better than language on some special occasions.

In our daily lives, non-verbal communication accounts for a much larger share than verbal communication. And non-verbal communication, in simple terms, refers to all forms of communication other than language, such as gestures, facial expressions, movements, clothing, environment, conversation distance, and so on. The famous researcher Albert Mehrabian found out that 93% of the communicative value is generated through non-verbal channels. It is ubiquity. As for the jeweled pin, because of its customization, small size, and exquisite features, it is often used as a carrier for transmitting information on some important occasions. So it has become one of the most important object languages of apparel in non-verbal communication.

Pins and Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright, the first female secretary in American history, is known for her “brooch diplomacy“. Throughout Albright’s political career, she wore a different brooch pin to every political event or international conference she attended, to make her political stand, and express a silent protest. She thought it could be a good way to avoid a head-on confrontation. As she said in her book Read My Pins, “Sending the right signal at the right time in the interpersonal relationship can warm-up or apply the pressure……The world has its system of power, and wearing a speechless pin that could have more might than an eloquent speech is exactly what I need.”

So Madeleine Albright’s jeweled pin is no longer just a decorative brooch pin, but an important tool for expressing emotions, attitudes, and standpoints. She took great care to detail everything from where the brooch pin should wear to what it should look like.

Albright usually wears the brooch pin near her left shoulder, which means she chooses to negotiate and communicate peacefully, hoping that disputes will eventually be resolved peacefully. The more formal the occasion, the higher the pin will be. Albright also tried to convey different messages through different images of the jeweled pin:

When nominated secretary of state, she wore an ancient eagle 3D-cast pin; 


When talking to Mandela, she wore a zebra jeweled pin;


When taking a photo with Kim Jong Il, she wore an American flag jeweled pin; 


When denouncing other forces for endangering American interests, she wore an angel-jeweled pin; 


When paying tribute to the victims of the Rwandan genocide, she wore a peace dove brooch pin;


When she was with a group of happy teenagers, her pin was an unrestrained fish; 


When celebrating the successful negotiation of China-Us economic and trade cooperation, she wore a Loong enamel pin firing from ceramic shards.

As Albright once said in Read My Pins, “Pins have a natural expressive function. Elegant or mundane, to a large extent, they express a lot about who we are and how we want to be seen.”

Pins and politicians

Of course, Albright is not the only politician in the United States who has worn distinctive custom pins in public, and some of them have even been questioned and reviled for it. Such as Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who was questioned about wearing a custom soft enamel pin with the wrong flag, or then-President Barack Obama, who was forced to follow the patriotic trend of wearing an American flag enamel pin after being strongly criticized.

Meaning of pins

When we attach meaning to a simple enamel pin or jeweled pin, it becomes part of our character, not just an accessory to our apparel or identity. It can show our emotions and attitudes visually to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is a very effective but invisible way to communicate and value for us to notice.



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