It’s Hallo-Scream! As Halloween approaches, people begin to prepare costumes and props related to the holiday, and custom Halloween pins can be a woo-nderful choice to add some eye-catching details to your distinctive costume. Maybe you’ve been already thinking about making some impressive Halloween pins but have trouble coming up with ideas that are “scary” enough? Here are my top 10+ choices of typical Halloween spooky elements that may provide you with some design inspiration for your spooky night.

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1. Jack-o’-lantern

In legends, Jack was a stingy man. So he cannot go up to heaven after death. However, he was also not allowed into hell because of making fun of the devil. In the end, he had to carry a lantern around until Judgment Day came. Thus, Jack-o ‘-lantern represents the cursed wandering soul. When the Irish moved to America, they began carving with pumpkins, because Pumpkins are more plentiful than turnips in the Fall in the United States. Therefore, Pumpkins have connected with Jack-o’-lantern and become one of the most typical elements of Halloween.

Jack-o '-lantern

2. Monster

Monsters are people’s visualization of the inward fear of the unknown and mysterious, often shown in the following forms:

monster pins

2.1. Ghost

Some people believe that when people die, they turn into ghosts and live in heaven or hell. And they will come back to earth to visit their relatives and friends who are still alive on Halloween day. They are all in white and have no legs or bodies, only eyes, and mouths.

Halloween ghost pins

2.2. Vampire

The legendary vampire has deathly pale skin and is afraid of the sun. They’re bloodthirsty, and humans who have been blood-sucked by them will also turn into vampires. They can move through the world at breakneck speed, and the only thing they fear is the Cross of the Holy Spirit.


2.3. Zombie

Zombies, also known as the walking dead, are “humans” who can still move and make sounds after death. Although they have human bodies, they cannot act and think in human ways. Their brains and souls seem to have been ripped out of them. They can’t see, but their hearing is extra acute.

zombie pins

2.4. Demon

Demons possess the supernatural powers of evil. They are derived from Christianity and Judaism and are symbols of death and horror.

grim Reaper pins

3. Skeleton

The bones of a dead animal are left after decay, also being seen as the symbol of death.

skeleton custom pins

4. Witch

Witches can use a ritual to acquire mystical powers to communicate with spirits, predict the future, or do things that humans cannot imagine. They are characterized by black robes, black pointed wizard hats, and flying brooms.

5. Familiar

Familiar, as a witch’s attendant, only in the service of its witch. They can change their shapes into various animals, usually black cats, ravens, or owls.

black cat pins

5.1. Black Cat

In the Middle Ages, black cats were the synonyms for the devil. Centuries later, it served as the attendant of witches to enhance their dark magic. In any legend, they represent mystery and terror.

black cat
black cat custom pins

5.2. Raven

In the records of ancient witch books, ravens, like black cats, are the same meaning of death, terror, and misfortune. The crows of ravens are regarded as bad omens. Some people think that its sound will take people’s lives and souls away. Therefore, ravens have been considered ominous birds.


5.3. Owl

Owls often scream harshly at the night. And they love the special smell from the dying person, which is also called the “smell of death”. They will shout with joy after smelling it. Meanwhile, the man died in the screams of the owl. Thus, the owl has seemed as the messenger of death.


6. Bat

Some people think that these flying rodents can communicate with dead people, while others think that vampires can transform into bats. No matter what, the black body and nocturnal nature made its image cast a layer of mystery.

bat enamel pins

7. Scary face

In the Middle Ages, people would wear all kinds of scary masks, trying to drive away monsters on the eve of Halloween.

8. Melting

The melting person or object symbolizes the horror and death caused by supernatural forces.


9. Gothic

Gothic is an artistic style that often used horror, supernatural, death, decadence, castles, thorns, night, and tombstones as iconic elements.

tombstone enamel pins

10. Color

The two classic Halloween colors, black and orange, can be traced back to the Celtic Savin Festival. Black symbolizes the death of summer, while orange symbolizes autumn, the season of harvest.

Black and Orange


Now, got any scary design ideas for your Halloween day? Through the combination and change of various elements, you can generate a scary image that belongs to you. Use them on your makeup, costumes, and props to inject more vitality into your spooky night!

mixed elements

If you are interested in custom Halloween pins or any kind of enamel pins, check our website and submit your ideas, or just let our designers design for you. There is no charge for this process. Feel free to contact us if you have any confusion, we are always looking forward to serving you.

Eat, drink, be scary, and happy hunting!

Hope you have a boo-tiful Halloween night 😈

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