Health Preservation has become an important issue for modern people nowadays. People can get some health knowledge through books, the internet or TV, and judge the problem of their bodies. Diet is the most important aspect of our body. Good eating habits can give you a healthy body. Fruit is a lifelong food for people because of its natural performance. Eating the right fruit can solve a lot of your body’s health issues. Here, we have listed some common fruits and introduced their benefits in order to help you understand them completely.

1. Apple

Have you heard this sentence when you are a little child, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? This sentence may hold some truth. Apples have antioxidants named flavonoids, which can reduce the risk of premature death and heart disease. Eating the apple peel can decrease the blood-pressure, which is the best option for hypertensive patients.

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Banana often was regarded as a “Happy Fruit” Because bananas have alkaloids that can make people feel relaxed and focused. It can help your brain to produce the serotonin, which will create happy energy for you and reduce the sense of melancholy and fidgety feelings. If you are tired of your work or life, eating it will give you more positive energy.

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Pineapple contains abundant vitamin B, which is an effective element to nourish your skin. It prevents dry, cracked skin and moistens your hair. At the same time, eating pineapple can eliminate your body tension and enhance the body’s immunity. There is a substance called bromelain, an enzyme (a complex of enzymes) that has anti-inflammatory and anti-dropsy properties, which is a good fruit for your body.

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Strawberries can be an anti-cancer food because they contain anthocyanins and catechins. Eating strawberry will prevent Cancer and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Also, there is an antioxidant that can improve skin complexion and help eliminate wrinkles. If you are a person who had high mental intensity, this fruit is good for you to improve the health of your brain and your cognitive ability, especially for older people.

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